PBB Planned Maintenance

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Serviceable passenger boarding bridges are not only required for efficient ground operations but also serve as the introduction to your airport.  As the recognized expert in the field of PBB maintenance and repair we support bridges where high equipment utilization is essential to meet aircraft movements and where their appearance goes a long way to welcome visitors to the airport.  ELS reliably perform this work in some of the most extreme climates that range from the harsh northern winters to our countries corrosive coastal regions.  Our professional staff supports hundreds of bridges that includes all manufacturers such as; ThyssenKrupp, JBT (Jetway) Stearns and Dew.  Our operations are inclusive of those where we manage the maintenance requirements for bridges in excess of the 30 years old that are  operating right next to new installs that contain the latest programmable logic control.  ELS PBB program services are fully inclusive of;

1. 400HZ ground power systems
2. Pre-condition air, and
3. Potable water.


From our customers:

“Nice if all vendors were responsive as ELS; very impressed with their gate training.”

“Professionalism; structured and communication. ELS is customer focused and I have recommended their (PBB) services to other airports.”

“They are very knowledgeable of jet bridges. They quickly trouble shoot and have demonstrated the ability to identify problems and fix them in a timely manner.”