GSE Maintenance

Shop 6 (NXPowerLite)

ELS ground support equipment maintenance programs have been developed to handle the high pressure airline environment, where all equipment is considered essential in meeting the daily aircraft operations and where the consequences for a failure can be catastrophic in making on time departures. Our maintenance professionals support a wide range of GSE that includes thousands pieces of high utilization and technically diverse units and multiples airport locations inclusive of busy hub operations. ELS is the service provider of choice for the customers that are seeking high quality standards, efficient operations, cost control and a willing partner. We are there first thing in the morning to ensure vehicles are ready for the first push back and always respond quickly to any corrective repair requirement. ELS works closely with our customers to provide both cost justification and technical capability in the support of refurbishment programs for older equipment. These initiatives have achieved significant savings compared to purchasing new GSE and are another example of where we have sought solutions to improve our value to each customer.


From our customers:

“The GSE Department made the best statistical performance of the year of any hub in the system and this has been noticed by our upper management. This could not be done without your professional leadership and quality work ethic, and for that I thank you.”

“ELS has a strong Planned Maintenance culture. We rarely get a breakdown!”

“They have been a pleasure to have supporting our (GSE) operation and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”