Fleet Maintenance

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Building upon the vehicle maintenance expertise we have achieved within our long standing airline Ground Support Equipment programs, ELS made the smooth transition to expand our maintenance portfolio to include Airport Vehicle Fleet Maintenance. Our approach has been to satisfy the need in the market place for improved customer service, attention to equipment availability, cost sensitivity and improved customer satisfaction for those airport fleet manager looking to make a step change in quality from either its in-house or outsourced contracts. With the considerable budgetary pressure being placed on the services that Airport Authorities, Municipalities and City Managers provide to their communities, it is extremely important to choose wisely in the selection of a quality maintenance organization. ELS draw upon the extensive maintenance competencies within our established programs that deliver upon the demand for efficient operations, excellent scheduled maintenance compliance and responsive corrective repair for airport fleet vehicles that are inclusive of;

1. ARFF Emergency Response and Fire Engines
2. Patrol Vehicles
3. Terminal Buses
4. Heavy Construction
5. Tractor/Mowers
6. Generators
7. Sedans/SUV’s/Pick-ups
8. All Weights of Trucks (inclusive of line removal and sweepers), and
9. Full range of landscaping equipment.

All work is performed by qualified ASE Certified mechanics and ASE Blue Seal Certified operations. ELS is the most qualified and experienced company in providing vehicle maintenance in the airport environment. We deliver the resources to make your vehicle program the success you deserve through a commitment to maintain a key sense of service and high levels of customer satisfaction.


From our customers:

“ELS’ performance on this contract has repeatedly demonstrated that they are both professional and knowledgeable in the fleet services industry. I would highly recommend ELS to any other firm or agency looking for similar services.”

“Supporting over 2000 pieces of motorized and non-motorized (equipment), their performance has been outstanding. We have found them to be flexible, dependable, and quite willing to work with the organization to meet the goals and contractual requirements.”