Facility Maintenance

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ELS has performed Facility Maintenance (FM) since 2004.  Our growth in this business segment has been a direct result of the reward for the quality services provided to our airline customers who expanded our agreements for those services that were no longer core to their strategic plans.  With the high confidence in our ability to manage and institute quality program policy and procedures and employ the right individuals to compliment their own company culture, we now manage an extensive mix of both customer owned or leased facilities that combine for millions of square feet.  Responsibilities include all building and ground planned maintenance and corrective repair requirements that cover; electrical, HVAC, plumbing and the coordination and program management for those contractors that perform specialized planned maintenance and corrective repair that includes; fire alarm/sprinkler inspections, scale certifications, hoists, overhead doors,  chillers and cooling towers. Additionally, ELS program manages one-off special building projects which are budgeted on an annual basis, such as reengineering lighting systems that not only improve the working environment, but lower energy use, improve maintainability and lower life cycle costs. 


From our customers:

“ELS’ performance on this contract has repeatedly demonstrated that they are both professional and knowledgeable in the fleet services industry. I would highly recommend ELS to any other firm or agency looking for similar services.”

“Supporting over 2000 pieces of motorized and non-motorized (equipment), their performance has been outstanding. We have found them to be flexible, dependable, and quite willing to work with the organization to meet the goals and contractual requirements.”