BHS Operations & Maintenance

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With decades of experience, our BHS O&M programs have grown to a combined maintenance responsibility of many miles of conveyor systems that is inclusive of all major BHS manufacturers in the airport industry.   Our services are designed to exceed the demands required for today’s latest high capacity in-line BHS where the equipments up time and read rate accuracy are critical in meeting efficient aircraft turn-times and the airports security commitments. ELS is SAFETY Act certified by the Department of Homeland Security to maintain In-Line BHS operations at optimal sort accuracy for safe and secure bag processing prior to its delivery. With many service options available that can be customized to each specific airport and its system requirements, ELS provide 24x7x365 turn-key services that satisfy the most rigorous O&M specifications that consider;

1. System complexity
2. Programmable logic control (PLC)
3. Inventory management, and
4. Energy conservation.


To achieve optimal labor efficiency and the coordination of bag room activities, each program assumes the operational needs such as;

1. Control room monitoring
2. Responsiveness to bag jams and alarms
3. Encoding, and
4. Bag alignment duties.


From our customers:

“ELS team members are a cut above other vendors; knowledgeable and professional in their dress and actions.”

“I appreciate the good work you all do on our equipment. Conveyor looks awesome!”

“They are proactive and conscientious. The knowledge of their staff and the familiarity of them knowing our equipment are fantastic.”